runforpeace kids

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, Stop the Violence Fresno (STV) collaborated an event with Fresno Street Saints & Edison’s track coach Danny Alberty.  The City of Fresno presented Founder/CEO of Stop the Violence Fresno, Joby Jones Jr, a Proclamation ( a public and official announcement, especially one dealing with a matter of great importance) declaring that The City of Fresno will acknowledge and celebrate August 16th EVERY year as “Stop the Violence Day!”

It is our desire to help rebuild the community of Fresno! By re-educating our people about unity and the value of life. By motivating our youth to want a better life for themselves through education (classes, seminars and work shops). By supporting and providing the families within every community with valuable resources (household, education and employment). By creating opportunities for the community to come together through an assortment of events.

The value of someone’s life is priceless. Every person belongs to someone else, so when a life is taken, those people that he/she belonged to are the one’s who truly suffer.  PLEASE do the innocent mothers, fathers, grandmothers/fathers, children, cousins, a favor and STOP THE VIOLENCE!!!



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