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At 16 years old, Joby Jones an excellent basketball player, loved playing football and was a honor roll student.  He dreamed of being a professional basketball player never a gang member. But the actions of one day would forever change his life.

Joby was walking from his grandmother’s home to his uncle’s home, where his mother was to pick him up. Never had he imagined that during his 2 mile journey, two cars would drive beside him and shoot him 8 times. Doctors told him he would never walk again. Joby became angry, bitter and resentful.  Although he proved the doctors wrong and learned to walk again, he decided to join a gang for protection.  Headed down a road of terrible destruction, it took him 10 years to figure out how to get his original life back.

In 2009, one of Joby’s brothers was murdered. Joby preached his brothers funeral where over 400 gang members and associates attended. That day changed Joby’s life forever. He turned his anger and frustration into motivation to break the cycle of violence. Eventually the Stop the Violence-Fresno organization was created.

Currently Joby is an active role model in the community. Striving to help our youth make positive choices while influencing active gang members to stop the violence!

With his vision and wife, Jazzmine business skills, Stop the Violence-Fresno™ was branded.  By his side Jazzmine created this website, all fliers, coordinates each event, and brands the organization. Together, along with MANY amazing members of the community Stop the Violence-Fresno™ has grown dramatically over the past year.

The residents of Fresno know and trust Joby & Jazzmine Jones. They personally witnessed Joby’s  transformation and Jazzmine’s dedication to our youth and community. Many people are striving to change their live because Joby demonstrates the success of changing his. By sharing his story, he has prevented several youth from making horrible choices. Joby vision is to create tangible resources and opportunities to strengthen every family within the community.

Both Joby & Jazzmine are certified family developers through the University of Connecticut.  They are also certified in Family Budgeting and Business Advisory.  Currently Joby is attending seminary school seeking a Masters Degree while Jazzmine is certified in Marketing, Sales, Human Resources and Retail Management.  She also holds a degree in both Child Development, Psychology and is currently working on completing a Masters in Psychology.

“We love our community and the people in it. We know what the community lacks because we live in it and we understand how important it is to help our youth fulfill their dreams despite the negative things they see in their neighborhood, schools or households.”

Violence is not a Black, Hispanic, White or Asian thing it’s a FRESNO thing. Together we can make a difference & change the things happening in our community!!

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 © Copyright 2015, StoptheViolenceFresno™. All Rights Reserved.


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